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Guidelines for Author

  • All submitted Research manuscripts must follow pattern given below:
    • –Article Pattern–
    • Title (Maximum 120 Characters)
    • Author Name, Affiliation and Email ID
    • Abstract (Maximum 200 words)
    • Keywords (Maximum Five)
    • Introduction
    • Literature Survey
    • Problem Definition
    • Methodology / Approach
    • Results & Discussion
    • Conclusion
    • Future Scope
    • References
    • Declaration Form :: Original Work and It is not sent to publish anywhere DOWNLOAD
    • Each Author (s) Short Profile with Photo(s)
  • Title: Title must be informative and specific. It should be easily understandable by reader and should reflect motive of the research paper.
  • Author Name, Affiliation and Email ID: Author First name and Last name only. Please don’t include salutations like Dr / Mr / Prof etc. If possible provide only your professional email id, instead of personal.
  • Abstract: One paragraph containing at most 100 words. It is a summary of the report describing the question investigated, the methods used, the principle results and conclusions.
  • Keywords: Five most important terms that describe your research domain and specific problem area investigated.
  • Introduction: It is a brief section usually not more than a page. It should be informing the reader of the relevance of your research.
  • Literature Survey: This section includes a short history or relevant background of the research area being addressed.
  • Methods / Approach: This section should describe how you are supposed to rectify the problem, what approach or what methodology you are supposed to use in your paper.
  • Results / Discussion: This section describes the outputs generated in the methodology section. Elaborate and compare your results with previous research performed in the past.
  • Conclusion: Final extract of your research performed. Consicely elaborate your final output here.
  • Future Scope: What are the future possibilities of improvement in the research you performed. Discuss the limitations and benefits over historical research.
  • References: If you reference an external source in your paper, you should cite where you found that source. Give credit to the actual contributor, they deserve this.
  • Authors Short Profile: Short bio of all the authors, include a small picture also. People should know you too!
  • Finally, Make sure you are formatting your manuscript as per REPR/RRSSH Paper Format given below:
    • –Article Styling–
    • Font Family: Times New Roman
    • Title Font Size: 24pt
    • Author Names Font Size: 11pt, Bold
    • Author Affiliation Font Size: 9pt
    • Abstract Font Size: 10pt, Bold, Italic
    • Keywords Font Size: 10pt
    • Heading Font Size: 12pt, Bold
    • Sub Heading Font Size: 11pt, Bold
    • Table Contents Font Size: 11pt
    • Table Heading Font Size: 11pt, Italic
    • Figure / Table Caption Font Size: 11pt
    • Reference Bullet Format: [1], [2] …
    • Citation Format: [1], [2] …
    • Line Spacing: 1.0 pt
    • Line Spacing Before After: Nil
    • Page Size: A4
    • Page Orientation: Portrait
    • Page Margins: Top – 0.7 Inch, Bottom – 0.7 Inch, Left – 0.67 Inch, Right – 0.56 Inch, Gutter – 0 Inch, Gutter Position – Left
    • Author Photo Size: Width 0.51 Inch (Keep Aspect Ratio)
    • Header: 0.1 Inch
    • Footer: 0.3 Inch

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